Short Film. Short Theatre. Short-term Events.

Why wait? Just F*it.

F*It Club, an award-winning film and theater production company, was founded in 2010 by Executive Director Allyson Morgan and a collective of actors, writers, directors, producers, and filmmakers. Our mission is to provide access and opportunity to performance with immediacy and to bridge the gap between recorded and live entertainment, with the goal of bringing both ease and fun back to entertainment. We say "f* it" to waiting for opportunity to knock.  We are seizing opportunity and making it ours. We want to make work and we want to make it NOW.

We have produced several award-winning short films, the ongoing Webseries: The Webseries, and several acclaimed theatre projects, but we are best known for the annual, multiple award-winning, series of world premiere, commissioned short plays known as The Spring Fling (selected photos below).

The Spring Fling Playwrights: Ngozi Anyanwu, Kevin Artigue, Liza Birkenmeier, Hilary Bettis, Lucy Boyle, Brooke Berman, Bekah Brunstetter, Jon Caren, Stephanie Del Rosso, Matthew Lee Erlbach, Halley Feiffer, Kate Gersten, Jason Grote, Ashlin Halfnight, Elizabeth Irwin,  Nick Jones, Greg Keller, Anna Kerrigan, Ryan King, Krista Knight, Victor Lesniewski, Caroline V. McGraw, Catya McMullen, Seth Moore,  Gregory S. Moss, Dan Moyer, Janine Nabers, Leah Nanako Winkler, Isaac Oliver, Matthew Paul Olmos, Heidi Schreck, Erica Saleh, Sarah Sander, Mark Schultz, Mark Sitko, Tommy Smith, Ariel Stess, Daniel Talbott,  Joe Tracz, Lauren Yee, Anna Ziegler

The Spring Fling Directors: May Adrales, Saheem Ali, Sash Bischoff, Michelle Bossy, Stephen Brackett, Jaki Bradley, Geordie Broadwater, Hal Brooks, Oliver Butler, Jess Chayes,
Matt Dickson, Mike Donahue, Kareem Fahmy, Tamara Fisch, John Giampietro, Anne Cecelia Haney, Heidi Handelsman, Josh Hecht, Jessi Hill, Candis C. Jones, Benjamin Kamine, Neal Kowalsky, Portia Krieger, Kevin Laibson, Nick Leavens, Victor Maog, Lila Neugebauer, Kate Pines, Stella Powell-Jones, Jerry Ruiz, Laura Savia, Annie Tippe, Eddie Torres, Stephanie Ward, Jenna Worsham, Pirronne Yousefzadeh

Learn more at and on Twitter and Instagram at @f_itclub.